About Hackrdot

If you are a programmer, or simply interested in technology in general, then you've most likely visited Hacker News, r/programming, and Slashdot. Chances are you visit them almost on a daily basis.

They can consume high amounts of valuable time by dragging you from one link to another if you are not careful, but they are important resources to keep in touch with what is happening around the world.


I used to visit those sites frequently, and I realized I was having different problems with each of them:

So I ended up building Hackrdot (origin of the name should be pretty obvious) to fix the problems I was having in one place. It was for my personal use alone in the beginning, but I decided to make it public after some additions.


Hackrdot is built with Ruby on Rails, a good framework to build such personal projects in a rapid way.

The Nokogiri gem is used to scrape content from HN and Slashdot, the Reddit API is used for r/programming.

A MySQL database is used to store user data and bookmarks.

The source code may be found here.

If you spot anything wrong, or simply have a suggestion, feel free to email me at [email protected].